Saturday, May 31, 2008

The spite of the squirrel is not well known

and in fact its rarely spoken of

Aliken it if you will to the spirt of the staircase
The moment when you walked away only to think of what you should of said

The spite of the squirrle
 is found when you should have walked away
 but you said the thing you need not have said

for now that you have said it 
your winter bounty will not be shared
 but stolen you said too much and you moved too fast

Wind and beautiful light

was able to transform the garden's weeds and bugs 
Into a jungle of adventure and sorrow for 
to capture the beauty each one was put to death

by these budding scientists

there was not a moment to loose

For each capture 
much care must be taken for the martyr's funeral 

Each treasure became three times encased

Each piece only as valuable as the memories it supplied

the stolen fan from a train ride was her happiness transcribed

The butterflies where his specialty 
they truly made them shiver

Lovers seemed to be her target

Blood on the son of the king 
forever nightmare material we fear

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

have'nt we met

have we meet? 
why, I'm not sure.
I seem to have forgotten you if we have ever

do know Mlle Tallard?
then you must just look like someone I once knew 
in fact I did'nt know them I only wanted to.

Monday, May 26, 2008

They were meant to be 
it was written for them
and they followed the trail of the thorny rose maze as they were told.
What happened next was that before they knew it something was between them

he was a stormy character 
a disciple of a different time and substance.
with him he brought new challenges to the kingdom 
all the princes grew mistrustful of the purity of their future queens 
the stranger was the only hinderance to the quiet order their lives had dealt out.

Friday, May 23, 2008

At first 
as she had expected she was menaced with the feelings of loss 
which we all experience being left behind
 the shadows of passed moments and memories haunt unrelentingly. 

But there was a snap, and there was a silence. 
First the expected silence, and then the silence of the completely dead. 

She lay awake worried that he had lost his fragile life, 
later she realised it was the feeling of his having lost and forgotten their love.  

She worried 
would this be her only experience of true love 
should she have chosen better 
would he remember her 
was it possible that she could be mistaken
 was her loneliness playing tricks.

the castle was filled with secrets 
and so was her heart 
she had no one that she could trust 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

no one had lived long enough to remember 
the fatal fascination which had caused the terror to begin.

The answer to the trouble came when one of 
the young peoples hearts was left open and 
apparently some one came in.

Perhaps it was a mistake or perhaps it was meant to be.
We might assume the heart was left open almost on purpose, 
as a half invitation to someone passing by to come in for fun.
Well she did.

their love was to grow strong and true 
it was unmistakable like the sound of breaking glass

The castle was brightly coloured

the story was to be found under the ground, 
hidden in the details of the landscape

The farmers disliked the blood red poppies growing in their yellow fields of wheat and corn, still they could do nothing to be rid of them. 
Once they had believed that poppies were made by Somnus, the god of sleep, to ease the goddess Ceres of all her cares and to cause her to sleep, her refreshing slumber reviving the crops.

Only now the colours menaced the farmers ever more,
their red colour had grown so dark no one dared to approach
The soul of the poppies had caught a dark and menacing fear,
tried as the could their colour kept deepening and did not stop
growing more intense.
It seems that their incredible loneliness flourished 
where there had once been mystery