Thursday, May 22, 2008

The castle was brightly coloured

the story was to be found under the ground, 
hidden in the details of the landscape

The farmers disliked the blood red poppies growing in their yellow fields of wheat and corn, still they could do nothing to be rid of them. 
Once they had believed that poppies were made by Somnus, the god of sleep, to ease the goddess Ceres of all her cares and to cause her to sleep, her refreshing slumber reviving the crops.

Only now the colours menaced the farmers ever more,
their red colour had grown so dark no one dared to approach
The soul of the poppies had caught a dark and menacing fear,
tried as the could their colour kept deepening and did not stop
growing more intense.
It seems that their incredible loneliness flourished 
where there had once been mystery

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