Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Walking the halls 
was walking in circles.
She seemed to be consistently planning 

Scribing the 
walls with codes,
 with signs,
 with messages.

The bear skin coat whooshed and swayed 
as she eddied about.

"Miles deep and endlessly wide, you are my constant, my confide"

Speaking to no one, but with the wind. 

A wind that had been both kind and cruel,
The wind had be the culprit who had blown the storm and 
Hampered the speed 
of her carriage as she had sped 
to her fathers side the night he had passed. 

She had not been present 
to hear her fathers last words 
no one had heard them they had been lost to the wind 
and this troubled her deeply. 

On the day of the funeral 
a warm breeze flew through 
the cemetery 
and it caught her attention.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First thing to break was a jug 
and as it was filled with milk 
it was something she could shrug off
not without sadness but without anger 
She could admit the mistake
and she refused to worry

And when she pricked and cut her hand 
she got some satisfaction from the sight of her own blood

but it was when she realised a black sock had fallen
in with the white sheets and stained them like tar 

a kind of fear and anger
 swept over her 
and she could think of nothing 
except escape

Rupunzel is a tale told by many tongues

Repunzel is not

Repunzel lived in a castle surrounded by iguanas

Rapunzel's hair was reported to be 51 feet long
Repunzel's was much longer and stranger 

Her mother like Rapunzel's had suffered a feverish fetish

not for lettuce 

but for Slugs and Snails

The effect of this was not only a name
the effect of this was a curse all of its own

For at the end of Repunzel's maine was a cold blooded tail.

With so much to do it is a surprise that anything is ever done 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Each exit from the path was a risk

You never knew how people
 would react 
to a girl stealing to save her pointless life

Smoke whipped and curved from this chimney.
She imagined it was her house before she broke all the windows.

A single dash
a leap
and she could take
a neat rock through the window
able to warm herself just with the thought
what wonders and fears 
might await her 
on her next twirl.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It was a walk in the park 
the whispers 
of leaves in the trees
the clouds part 
and the sun beams 

It was almost as though 
they were trying to speak
 but did not have tongues 
How very many times 
has she declined the offer
to take a stroll with Mr Craven.

'I don't know if I've ever been so very bored or boring,' thought Fanny
For 16 Weeks 
she had be going though
 the courting motions 
the motions of courting 
without the emotions
of love 

You don't like me do you Fanny?

Her sisters had 
teased her so
 about his attentions toward her

but it was not until 
she had read of her beloved 
Mr Rainer having
 run off with some rich mans wife
It was then
 that very day
 she excepted to offer

What a bad case
how sad it is 
to have lost the dream 
her dream
the romance with Mr Rainer seemed to be dissolving 
and she could, 
would and did
 directly blame Mr Craven now 
she could see him
 right beside 
her acting as if he had know idea that she hated him.

And then

and then
He's going to bite me 
I've a mouth full of pins
I'll stick pins in his mouth
 if he tries to kiss me 
he'll be in for a shock

Oh god he's bending down
No No NO
I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck

Sunday, September 21, 2008

without the bother of elemental exposure 
Admiring the woman in a bell jar
he could stare at her for hours
safe both from herself and the elements 

how long he wondered could they survive like this
and a smile crawled over his lips...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They had not taken more than a weeks break from travel
 He said it was to keep the cob webs from growing

But in truth it was to keep the past behind them 
They where trying to loose a part of themselves
keeping parts hidden both from themselves and one another

They had not yet had a single argument
 her mouth was bandaged 
and he was not ready to reveal this part of himself

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The spite of the squirrel is not well known

and in fact its rarely spoken of

Aliken it if you will to the spirt of the staircase
The moment when you walked away only to think of what you should of said

The spite of the squirrle
 is found when you should have walked away
 but you said the thing you need not have said

for now that you have said it 
your winter bounty will not be shared
 but stolen you said too much and you moved too fast

Wind and beautiful light

was able to transform the garden's weeds and bugs 
Into a jungle of adventure and sorrow for 
to capture the beauty each one was put to death

by these budding scientists

there was not a moment to loose

For each capture 
much care must be taken for the martyr's funeral 

Each treasure became three times encased

Each piece only as valuable as the memories it supplied

the stolen fan from a train ride was her happiness transcribed

The butterflies where his specialty 
they truly made them shiver

Lovers seemed to be her target

Blood on the son of the king 
forever nightmare material we fear