Thursday, September 25, 2008

It was a walk in the park 
the whispers 
of leaves in the trees
the clouds part 
and the sun beams 

It was almost as though 
they were trying to speak
 but did not have tongues 
How very many times 
has she declined the offer
to take a stroll with Mr Craven.

'I don't know if I've ever been so very bored or boring,' thought Fanny
For 16 Weeks 
she had be going though
 the courting motions 
the motions of courting 
without the emotions
of love 

You don't like me do you Fanny?

Her sisters had 
teased her so
 about his attentions toward her

but it was not until 
she had read of her beloved 
Mr Rainer having
 run off with some rich mans wife
It was then
 that very day
 she excepted to offer

What a bad case
how sad it is 
to have lost the dream 
her dream
the romance with Mr Rainer seemed to be dissolving 
and she could, 
would and did
 directly blame Mr Craven now 
she could see him
 right beside 
her acting as if he had know idea that she hated him.

And then

and then
He's going to bite me 
I've a mouth full of pins
I'll stick pins in his mouth
 if he tries to kiss me 
he'll be in for a shock

Oh god he's bending down
No No NO
I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck

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