Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First thing to break was a jug 
and as it was filled with milk 
it was something she could shrug off
not without sadness but without anger 
She could admit the mistake
and she refused to worry

And when she pricked and cut her hand 
she got some satisfaction from the sight of her own blood

but it was when she realised a black sock had fallen
in with the white sheets and stained them like tar 

a kind of fear and anger
 swept over her 
and she could think of nothing 
except escape


ArtSparker said...

Fairytales after the Fall. You might like the stories of Angela Carter, she also retold some fairytales. But yours are more elliptical. I will look in again.

jean swan said...

yeah i dig her stuff the bloody chamber is my favorite of her works that i have read so far

ryan manning said...

there is no good or bad in art

jean swan said...

ryan i don't agree plenty is bad in art sometimes its good most of the time it is just waste